Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Enjoy the Silence

I know. I KNOW. I've been a terrible blogger.

Truth is, I'm only writing right now because I feel a nagging, persistent, relentless twinge of guilt at having not written in so long. I know it's been long enough for people to stop reading - and so then it kind of becomes "what's the point"? Well, at least I thought I should type a few words so that blogger doesn't shut me down.

Do they do that if you don't write for a long time? I'm such a bad blogger that I don't even know.

Here's a quickie update for anyone who cares:

Shit is going down at work. My company has been purchased and so the job that I love very much, that I've been doing for close to six years, is suddenly in jeopardy. Should know what's up with that by the end of the summer. That's a little stressful, but what can you do?

I'm still riding. Had my first near injury last week while riding a new horse, Valentine. He head-butted me in the face. That's right. In the face. You know what sucks? Getting head-butted in the face by a big horse.

Recently spent a heavenly week up at the cottage. Amazing. Full-on beach days in May? What's better? GTs.

Crown and I opened our roof last weekend. A lot of work but it's looking swell. Complete with three lovely potted cedars and shiny new BBQ. Not quite finished yet, but we're ready for the summer party season. Bring it.

I've been trying to be healthy since debauchery at the cottage. This includes: no drinking, no refined sugars and, AND, I've quit smoking. Crown quit over three months ago and so I final just said, "Why"? It's stupid and I'm done. But I miss it and I intend to get really fat by substituting with many crunchy snack foods. Does that cancel out the healthy part?

The Momes? Is awesome. Here's a recent picture of the little one suffering the effects of cottagitis for you to enjoy until I guilt myself into writing again. Until then, enjoy the silence.