Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Happy Birthday To You: Three Years Old

Dear Anabella,

On January 30, you turned three years old.

So far the threes have been both absolutely delightful and utterly exasperating at the same time. This birthday I can definitively say that you are no longer a baby. You just aren't. When I see you now, when I hear you, it's little girl through and through. A sweet little girl, who wants what she wants when she wants it. Which is usually RIGHT NOW.

You are whip smart. You are incredibly beautiful. You are kind. You are funny. You are so loving. The most loving child in the world when you want to be. You love Moet. And you love all your family and friends. I hope that you know how much we all love you too. How much it means to Nana, to Papa, to Grandma, to Auntie Charla, to Uncle Phil, when you run to them, or squeal in delight when they show up. How I can see Carter's eyes light up when you arrive at daycare in the morning. How swollen with joy my heart is - swollen to bursting - when I see you run and play with your Auntie Emily and the lovely LouLou.

But most of all, I hope you know how special you are. How unique. How lucky.

We're at a busy, busy time in our lives right now, and I know there's been a lot of change. More still to come but I have to say you are handling it like an absolute champion. I'm so grateful and relieved that you are a flexible child in this way. My promise to you is - it will all be so worth it.

Happy birthday my beautiful Bella. I hope you will love the home we bought you. We've really got our work cut out for us, topping THAT gift next year. It might need to be a pony.

I love you,