Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Lovely Lady Lump: Week 17

Week 17.

11lbs heavier than b.b.b. I know, not supposed to be getting lighter, but this was what the doctor's scale told me on Monday, so this is what we're going with this week. Shut up.

Milestone this week: Hearing baby's heartbeat at my second prenatal appointment. It sounded like this: thwumpthwumpthwumpthwump. No really. Exactly like that. It was pounding away at 136 bpms, the perfect speed according to doc.

This week, two pictures for your viewing pleasure. The first is the regular Lady Lump photo, always taken first thing in the morning to ensure tautness and consistency.

The second is a self portrait, taken using Mac's fun Photo Booth feature. This one I took today (so 17 weeks, 3 days) at the end of the day after much eating. Note the difference and don't judge.

Working for the Weekend

Most of us are working for the weekend. Sad but true.

In a few rare instances, some among us are working ON the weekend. This past weekend there were a few examples worth sharing.

Example #1.
My beautiful, brave, strong and determined friend Scarbie from over at Martinis to Milk was hard at work this weekend. On August 23, at 6:30 a.m. she delivered to this earth the most incredibly beautiful human being, named Lucine Seta Silverthorne. Not only did my lovely friend deliver this bundle of joy, she did so with very little intervention, pushing her baby girl out just they way they are intended to arrive, drug free and ready to party. Hard at work, indeed. Congrats to one of my favourite families, who for now seem so very complete.

Example #2
Another of my favourite people was putting in the hours this weekend. This time the smart, sassy and ever-so-flexible BendyGirl. Bendy spent Sunday entering into Holy Matrimony with her soul mate, The Captain. Those among us who have starred, or even just participated, in a wedding of any kind know, it's a lot of work! This glowing bride pulled off her special day and night with humour, grace and style. And what a magical night it was. Congrats to my newlywed friends. Thank you for including us in your amazing evening.

So while these friend spent their weekend hard at work. I had the utmost pleasure of sitting back and watching it all unfold. Since I love to see people in love, from my seat? This past weekend was all pleasure. Thanks friends!

Friday, August 24, 2007

My Lovely Lady Lump: Week 16

Week 16.
14 lbs heavier than b.b.b. (WTF?!? But that's what the scale at the gym tells me. Sob.)
Sorry about the P.J. bottoms. Had a terrible cold. Couldn't be bothered to put on something cuter for the photo.
Milestone this week: Discovering that Baby likes pop music.
24 more weeks to go.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is There Anybody In There?

So the time period between "so sick that you think you might barf your fetus out through your mouth" and "feeling better but so huge that you can't help but start to complain again" is a very strange time in pregnancy. And I'm in it.

The thing that is so weird about it this - you know you are pregnant, other people know you are pregnant, but you don't always "feel" pregnant. You just kind of feel like you - but swollen.

I think the issue is this - morning sickness, as horrible as it is, at least gives you a constant (and I mean constant) physical reminder that something is happening inside of you. Early in your 2nd trimester, while you do begin to show a lot more, there's no sickness reminding you that your parasite is growing and thriving. You can't feel it moving yet, so it's almost as if there's nothing going on. In fact, you worry that maybe there ISN'T anything going on.

I've had moments of panic where I suddenly think,

"Oh my God. What if I'm not pregnant at all and I've told everybody that I am. Plus I got so fat. HOW EMBARRASSING."

It's irrational but I blame hormones.

My point is, for the last few weeks I've been impatiently waiting to feel this little chicken inside me start to move. And waiting. And waiting. And... nothing. Nothing that is until Tuesday night. Apparently my baby likes Justin Timberlake.

Okay - have your laugh. Yes, I am 31, married and pregnant and still not ashamed to admit that I went to see JT and I love every minute of it. He did in fact rock my body and I think he rocked Baby's wee body too. It could have had something to do with the bottle of Coke I drank during the show, but I got home and laid in bed and I felt something. It was something that I've never felt before. Not at all the way I've heard the first tiny movements described by others.

Not like "popcorn" or "fluttering" or "butterflies" at all. A little more like "gas bubbles" as some describe it, but not quite like that either. To me it was more of a deep, strong sensation. Nothing airy and bubbly about it. If you make a fist with one hand and roll your knuckles along the inside of your other hand... it kind of felt like that and it was happening way down low down in my abdomen.

This sensation happened on and off for about half an hour, until I finally fell asleep. I didn't think too much of it until the next day, when the same thing happened again during my spinning class. It has happened on and off since, still rather infrequently, but also unmistakeable. Something is in there, alive and kicking.

And I think he or she is pop music fan. Sorry Crown. You're about to be outnumbered. Me and this kid? We're bringing sexy back.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Do You Believe in Magic?

Ladies! Moms-to-be! Ladies with friends who are moms-to-be! Ladies who tend to over eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner! Have I got news for you!

RUN don't WALK to the Zara on Bloor... because they now carry a line of maternity clothing called Zara For Mum. It's awesome. I stumbled upon it completely by accident this afternoon when I popped into Zara at lunch to see if I might find a dress that would actually fit me to wear to my friend Bendy Girl's wedding next weekend.

Got distracted by an adorable pair of jeans that I looked at longingly for a moment before realizing that HOLY MOTHER OF GOD - THESE ARE MATERNITY JEANS! They had the big ol' elastic waist and everything. Glancing quickly around I realized that there was one table and two racks dedicated to this new line! I grabbed one of everything and headed to the change rooms.

Sadly, the dress pants and jeans didn't work out for me - although the jeans, at $69, are THE coolest mat jeans I've seen outside of the designer styles like Seven for all Mankind and Chip and Pepper. I just can't bring myself to pay designer prices but if the Zara's had fit, I'd have bought them in every colour. Boo. They are really, really nice. Skinny and "low rise" but with the full elastic panel waist to sneak up under your tops. Imagine - low rise jeans without the fear of flashing ass crack? I'd wear them forever more.

I did take a shine to the mat leggings - but my bump still isn't big enough to fill them out and I decided not to shell out for them just yet. I didn't get around to trying all the shirts and blouses - was stretching my lunch break a little far at this point - but I'll be going back for sure.

What I did come away with was an awesome winter coat - one item that has been stressing me out since I realized that I'd have to buy one to get me through the cold months. Seems a little early to buy a wool coat - but you know that shit won't be around for long. At $149 this baby is a steal! The best part about it? It looks great even without the big bump! The short sleeves and waist length swing is all the rage, but by leaving off the bottom over-sized button, they've left room for my bump to poke comfortably though once it's too big to be contained. Check it:

I also picked up a bright red swingy t-shirt that was a little pricey at $29 but the colour just sucked me in. You can never have too many dressy t-shirts, you know?

I raced straight home to bring you this news. I'm thrilled, thrilled, thrilled and praying that Zara will continue stocking the line through fall and winter. I'm an avid Zara shopper already and this latest discovery is almost too good to be true. It's a shopping miracle.

Thank you fairy Godmother. Now can you please find me some stylish pants that fit and a dress for next weekend's wedding? Respect.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Green Eyes

Here's hoping our baby gets my husband's eyes:

I Will Not Forget You

Just in case you were worried, the first baby of the family is still incredibly cute. Here he is being the cutest cutesickle in cutesiville at a recent cottage getaway up at Mr. and Mrs. DRock's awesome summer house. For more summer fun photos, you can always visit Flickr.

My Lovely Lady Lump: 15 Weeks

My bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump.
Week 15.
11lbs heavier than b.b.b. (before baby bump). Very clearly not "all baby." Ahem.
25 more weeks to go.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Phewf. I'm back. And when I say that, I mean really, I'm back. Because I have been gone for quite some time... not just from this blog... but from this planet. I've been in a place that can only be described as it's been accurately and eloquently coined by the one and only Scarbiedoll... the FIRST HELLMESTER.

As of today I am 15 weeks with child. Sounds so pretty when you say it like that doesn't it? With child. Awww... so loving and fuzzy and miraculous. As of about two weeks ago I'm able to see it clearly as such. Before two weeks ago I was with parasite.

Listen, I don't want to be a whiny bitch right off the bat. So let's start with the truly amazing and beautiful things that happened during our first trimester.

a) We survived it. All three of us. In a time that is full of worry about whether or not this little energy sucking zygote is serious about moving in for the next 9 months, getting through the first three together is an amazing and relieving experience.

b) Ultrasounds #2 and 3. I skipped over ultrasound #1 intentionally here, because we're talking about the FUN stuff, remember? More on that in just a jiff... Ultrasound #2 was amazing because at 7 weeks and 4 days I was able to see the little jumping bean inside of me and witness the flashing and fluttering of it's tiny little heart. Ultrasound #3 at 12 weeks and 2 days was mind blowing. Crown was with me when together we met our little chicken for the first time. This thing was a baby! A baby! In there? Moving and kicking and somersaulting. Incredible. There really aren't words enough, but for me it was instant love.

c) Sharing the news. My hands down, absolute favourite part of pregnancy so far. Telling family and friends this news has made every minute of my discomfort worthwhile. This will be the first grandchild for both of our families. Of course, everyone is very excited and the look on people's faces and reactions that ranged from jaw dropping disbelief to squealing and jumping up and down for joy gave me strength to get through the worst moments. It makes you realize that a pregnancy is not about you. It's about adding to an entire family, social network, village and beyond.

Enough warm fuzzies to convince ya'll that I'm truly happy about this amazing creature growing inside of me? Good. Now here's the reality of the first hellmester in concise and honest points:

1) Ultrasound #1. I had it at just over 5 weeks. When you are so early in a pregnancy you have to drink a shit load of water and hold your pee for an HOUR prior to an abdominal ultrasound. Then you go for your ultrasound, ready to DIE from having to pee so bad and the technician presses on your bladder with a fucking baseball bat (or so it seems) for approximately half and hour. The alternative is the magic wand that goes up the you-know-whatsit. Trust me when I say that, as unpleasant as it may sound, the magic wand is waaaaay more preferable. I actually requested it for ultrasound #2 just so I didn't have to suffer the pee pee torture.

2) Vomit and lots of it. That's right, I was a puker. I puked more in three months than I have in my entire life ever and that includes from drinking even. Swear.

3) Food aversions. They are real and I had every one of them. The truly twisted thing about food aversions? Sometimes you don't know you are averted to it until AFTER you have already tried to eat it. IE/the time I thought it was okay to eat quiche and broccoli for lunch at work and ended up projectile vomiting all over the shared washroom facilities. Can you say life long nightmare come true?

4) Giant breasts and not in a good way. 15 weeks in and I've already outgrown TWO sets of bras. The cruelest part? These fuckers were so sore for three months that Crown and I couldn't even enjoy their new found enormity. Boo.

5) Everything smelled like ass. No really. Pretty much everything. Flowers smelled like ass, coffee smelled like ass, public transportation smelled like ass, cabs smelled even more like ass... and don't even get me started on what ass smelled like.

6) Too tired to even be tired. I'm a naturally sleepy person. I looooooove to sleep. My mom claims that I didn't sleep through the night until I was four years old (here's hoping that gene is recessive) and I've been making up for it ever since. But you know what? I didn't even know what tired WAS until this happened to me. Like sometimes? I would lie on the couch and want to cry simply from being so tired, but I was just too damn tired.

7) You get fat. Peeps? Did you know about this? When you get pregnant? You get fat. No, seriously, I know you're as shocked as I am but it's true. That shit you hear about, "Oh she was all belly." Yeah, fucking bullshit. Fat happens everywhere. My ass is pregnant, by thighs are pregnant, and my boobs? Well, let's just say they are having twins.

There is more that could be bitched about but I'm in such good spirits at having left those weeks behind me that I'll leave it there. I'm just so happy to be back. To be healthy. To be carrying the most amazing little parasite around with me. As of last week, the chicken is dying to be noticed. My belly has popped right on out and no amount of sucking it in can make it disappear. Below is the belly at 14 weeks. I'm shocked at the difference already this week and will post the 15 week shot asap.

I hope you'll join us on this journey. It's sure to be one hell of a ride.