Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Working for the Weekend

Most of us are working for the weekend. Sad but true.

In a few rare instances, some among us are working ON the weekend. This past weekend there were a few examples worth sharing.

Example #1.
My beautiful, brave, strong and determined friend Scarbie from over at Martinis to Milk was hard at work this weekend. On August 23, at 6:30 a.m. she delivered to this earth the most incredibly beautiful human being, named Lucine Seta Silverthorne. Not only did my lovely friend deliver this bundle of joy, she did so with very little intervention, pushing her baby girl out just they way they are intended to arrive, drug free and ready to party. Hard at work, indeed. Congrats to one of my favourite families, who for now seem so very complete.

Example #2
Another of my favourite people was putting in the hours this weekend. This time the smart, sassy and ever-so-flexible BendyGirl. Bendy spent Sunday entering into Holy Matrimony with her soul mate, The Captain. Those among us who have starred, or even just participated, in a wedding of any kind know, it's a lot of work! This glowing bride pulled off her special day and night with humour, grace and style. And what a magical night it was. Congrats to my newlywed friends. Thank you for including us in your amazing evening.

So while these friend spent their weekend hard at work. I had the utmost pleasure of sitting back and watching it all unfold. Since I love to see people in love, from my seat? This past weekend was all pleasure. Thanks friends!

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