Friday, August 17, 2007

Do You Believe in Magic?

Ladies! Moms-to-be! Ladies with friends who are moms-to-be! Ladies who tend to over eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner! Have I got news for you!

RUN don't WALK to the Zara on Bloor... because they now carry a line of maternity clothing called Zara For Mum. It's awesome. I stumbled upon it completely by accident this afternoon when I popped into Zara at lunch to see if I might find a dress that would actually fit me to wear to my friend Bendy Girl's wedding next weekend.

Got distracted by an adorable pair of jeans that I looked at longingly for a moment before realizing that HOLY MOTHER OF GOD - THESE ARE MATERNITY JEANS! They had the big ol' elastic waist and everything. Glancing quickly around I realized that there was one table and two racks dedicated to this new line! I grabbed one of everything and headed to the change rooms.

Sadly, the dress pants and jeans didn't work out for me - although the jeans, at $69, are THE coolest mat jeans I've seen outside of the designer styles like Seven for all Mankind and Chip and Pepper. I just can't bring myself to pay designer prices but if the Zara's had fit, I'd have bought them in every colour. Boo. They are really, really nice. Skinny and "low rise" but with the full elastic panel waist to sneak up under your tops. Imagine - low rise jeans without the fear of flashing ass crack? I'd wear them forever more.

I did take a shine to the mat leggings - but my bump still isn't big enough to fill them out and I decided not to shell out for them just yet. I didn't get around to trying all the shirts and blouses - was stretching my lunch break a little far at this point - but I'll be going back for sure.

What I did come away with was an awesome winter coat - one item that has been stressing me out since I realized that I'd have to buy one to get me through the cold months. Seems a little early to buy a wool coat - but you know that shit won't be around for long. At $149 this baby is a steal! The best part about it? It looks great even without the big bump! The short sleeves and waist length swing is all the rage, but by leaving off the bottom over-sized button, they've left room for my bump to poke comfortably though once it's too big to be contained. Check it:

I also picked up a bright red swingy t-shirt that was a little pricey at $29 but the colour just sucked me in. You can never have too many dressy t-shirts, you know?

I raced straight home to bring you this news. I'm thrilled, thrilled, thrilled and praying that Zara will continue stocking the line through fall and winter. I'm an avid Zara shopper already and this latest discovery is almost too good to be true. It's a shopping miracle.

Thank you fairy Godmother. Now can you please find me some stylish pants that fit and a dress for next weekend's wedding? Respect.

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