Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Phone is Ringin'. Oh my God.

That's right. I'm afraid of the phone. Crazy right? Wrong. Mostly because for the last two weeks or so, everytime I pick one up there's bad news spitting out at me from the other end.

It kind of goes something like this:

Beaches: "Hello?"

Bearer of Bad News: "Something horrible has happened."

B: "Oh shit, not again."

BOBN: "That's right. Again. And it's worse than the bad news that you got last time you answered the phone."

B: "Crap. I can't believe I answered the phone."

BOBN: [insert some kind of horrible news/crying/swearing here]

B: "Man I wish that you were just a telemarketer."

That's obviously a loose interpretation, but it pretty much sums up what's been going on lately. Bad news. I hate to start Beaches' Speeches off on such a negative note, but I thought, why not get it out there front and centre? At least this way the only direction we can go is up.

Right? [This is where you just agree with me no matter what]. Right. Great.

So having said all that, welcome to my life. It's not the most exciting place to visit, but I assure you that it's not always so gloomy. Sometimes it's just a really nice place to be. Here's hoping we can have some laughs.

And here's hoping that the next phone call I get is someone trying to sell me a freakin' vacuum cleaner or something. Those who know me already will understand that vacuums constitute a warm safe place for Beaches.

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Anonymous said...

Dude! I'm hooked. And Pissed! Not only do I have to read TWO blogs now on a regular basis, I also have to start one too! Admittedly I've been thinking about this since I made the big west-coast move. Admittedly also, I'm jealous of all the attention Scarbie has been gettin' since the whole preggo-baby-blog-madness began. Admittedly also, I have no idea if I am actually spelling the word Admittedly correctly right now. Where was I? Oh yes, your new blog. I can not wait to read more. I know you won't dissapoint...but dude...hurry up with the next bit will ya? ~formerly known as Dings.