Thursday, September 29, 2005

You've Gotta Know When to Hold'em

Oh Kenny Rogers, you are so wise.

You really DO need to know when to walk away, people. And truth be told, I know. I do know. I just don't LISTEN TO MYSELF. Myself says, "Beaches, get up now and walk away." And then what do I do? NOTHING. I just sit there and I lose all my money. Because it's not really money at that point, is it? It's just chips, or credits, or funny numbers on a digital screen.

Regardless of my complete and utter lack of luck this time around, I had an absolutely magnificent trip to Las Vegas. Crown, Commie and Moms had a blast, too. I'm glad that the guys enjoyed it, because maybe that means that they'll come back with us again sometime. It was nice to have them there.

Not that I don't love the all-girl trip! Man, do I love that. And ladies, if you're reading, we're going to set another one of those up really soon, okay? We'll take Sin City by storm.

Anyway this time around, me and the fam had the "true" Vegas experiences. We saw the Hoover Dam. Damn.

We saw the new Cirque Du Soleil show at the MGM Grand. Incredible. You must see it before you die, seriously.

We saw all of the hotels, we visited the historic Fremont Street, we ate at a ridiculous buffet, we lounged in the sun and of course, we let the house win.

It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. Now if only I'd listened to my inner Kenny...

Holy crap ya'll. I'm thirty.


TransientTales said...

Dude...can't believe you hit the Vegs and didn't win...did you Let it Ride? I'm totally in for a Sin City trip, let's plan it for 2006 - Nadders you're IN!!!

scarbie doll said...

In like Flinn y'all. Puttin' the chips between the 7 and the 10. But if I go, we're shellin' out for Elton John.