Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cruisin' Together

Thirty two reasons:

1. He makes me laugh everyday, even when there’s not much to laugh about.
2. He has the most amazing green eyes and the longest, thickest eyelashes in the world.
3. Scorpios are hot.
4. He is incredibly talented. More so than he even knows.
5. He gave in against his better judgment when I wanted to bring a puppy into our lives and now he loves our little dog fiercely and without shame.
6. Tattoos. Are. Sexy.
7. The way he talks to the Momes when he thinks nobody is listening.
8. He loves his mother.
9. He loves my mother.
10. He may not always agree with me, but he always respects me.
11. Rough on the outside, soft and mushy on the inside.
12. The way he bounces his legs and shuffles around when he gets excited.
13. He loves my friends and I love his.
14. He’s passionate about food, and he cooks!
15. He is just as happy as I am to lie for hours in the sun and do nothing at all.
16. He truly enjoys the company of women. Something not so common among men.
17. His names, both first and last, are beautiful.
18. I cry a lot, he wipes away my tears.
19. He is the master at Trivial Pursuit. In fact at every game that he plays.
20. He is my best friend.
21. Did I mention that he is funny as hell?
22. I love it when we’re cruisin’ together.
23. Tricepts, shoulders, tiny bum.
24. Weekend mornings, staying in bed late, drinking coffee and reading the paper.
25. Bundling up for winter walks to the park. He stays outside with the Momes while I run in for hot chocolate.
26. We can speak to each other with nothing more than a quick glance in each other’s eyes.
27. He reads voraciously.
28. He loves music and art, but not in that icky pretentious way.
29. He’s not too cool to totally rock out.
30. He is kind, comforting and loving, not just to me, to everyone that he knows.
31. This list was easy, I could write a thousand more.
32. Just because.

Happy birthday Crown.

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