Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Name of the Game

Just 'cause I haven't showed him off in about, um, five minutes.

I give you:

Stinky Stinkerson.
Barky Barkerson.
Sulky Sulkerson.
Sheddy Shedderson.
Pukey Pukerson.
Itchy Itcherson.
Scratchy Scratcherson.
Poopy Pooperson.
Momey Momerson.
Sleepy Sleeperson.
Cutey Cuterson.
Puppy Pupperson.


TransientTales said...

OH MOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zesty said...

Heh! I STILL have his puppy pic you sent me. So cute!

Your Pet Loves You said...

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Your Pet Loves You