Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I know this really makes me look like a bad mom and everything, especially since it's Valentine's Day and I should be showering those closest to me in love and happiness, but I simply couldn't resist torturing the Momes a little bit by dragging him out onto the freshly fallen snow and then having him pose for some fun pictures.

Not sure if I've mentioned how much I personally dislike the winter, but I think it's obvious from these pictures: like mother, like pugger. The Momes really, really hates the winter.

I guess torture is a strong word anyway, I mean, the dog really does have to go outside now and then to use the washroom, regardless of the weather. He doesn't have a choice in that matter. The torture part really just kicked in around the time that I decided to document it for your viewing pleasure.

Notice the classic signs of pug-dismay: tail drooping, ears back, body hunched and quivering. You'll also notice; however, that things improved dramatically once he took off full tilt and ran his little pug-butt all the way home (with me running behind, laughing and snapping pics all the way).

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Zesty said...

He's SO adorable. I can't stand it.