Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 40 (before 40): #2 - Check!

If you know me, follow me here at Beaches' Speeches, or on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, if you work with me, or have randomly found yourself within a 50 foot radius of me in the last 3 months, then you will already know this news - we bought a house!

#2 - Check!

You will also already know that I have developed a wee bit of a social networking addiction - the worst kind - the kind where you are trying to participate in ALL of them and as a result are participating in none of them very well. Sigh. The modern day pressures.

Anyhow, my shortcomings as a digital Goddess aside, I've been busy. So busy in fact that I haven't even had a chance to post pictures of our new house here. I have a gazillion pictures and I most definitely want to record this experience - house hunting, finding, buying, selling (#3 - Check!), packing, moving, and renovating (#4 - on it's way to being Check!) - for you in writing, but the time? It is not on my side.

This experience is an emotional rollercoaster and I'm right now hanging at the very top of the highest hill, about to tumble down over the side as my guts fly up out of my nose and I don't quite know at any instant whether I should laugh or cry. That is to say, I need to some time to write it all down effectively, engagingly and with the humour and smarts that these crazy past few months deserve.

So for now, behold some photos and commentary on the house we bought, and the home we hope it will soon become:

Here's the entranceway. It's getting completely redone OBVS, but what I'd like to point out here is the paint colour. What is that? Flesh? Yes, best described as flesh. The entire house is painted in it.

Living room. So much going on here that I don't know where to start. Oh! I know, let's start with the sexy-time photo the previous owners had above the (non-functioning) fireplace. Hot. Stuff.

Kitchen #1. There are three in this house. This one is "new". We will be living with it because we can't afford to take a sledgehammer to it as it deserves. Photo doesn't do it justice but trust me when I tell you that both the countertops and those curtains are purple.

Majestic double arches. These bitches are coming down.

Hardwood or vinyl runner? I know, it's so hard to tell. The trickiness!

The basement looks pretty great in this shot. What you can't see is that the door there on the right? Yeah, about four feet high. A basement for hobbits.

And what's behind that hobbit door? This lovely square bathroom suite, complete with bidet. That bad boy has washed a lot of asses. (Full disclosure, I've used this joke about 100 times, but it continues to crack me up.)

This is a strange little room off the kitchen that leads out to the backyard. Again, it looks cute in this shot, but what you can't see is that it's not heated and that door - yep, also about 4 feet high.

So that's a tiny sneak peak. We're in the middle of some serious renos right now so you can expect to see our transformation as it happens. As funny as we think the house was when we bought it, we love it and really, all I see when I look at it now is potential, potential, potential. Stay tuned...

And as a bonus, gotta post this little dude; he had a prime spot in the previous owners' dining room. He was so jolly and at home among the Jesus portraits and the ceiling fans. I wish I'd had him included in the sale:

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