Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to You: Everley Edition: 11 Months Old

Dear Everley,

You'll be 11 months old for about, oh, three more hours. I'm squeaking this one in just under the wire and as such we're going to let the photos do the talking. I will just say this, we spent a lot of your 11th month in Ipperwash, basking in the sunshine with family and friends. It was a glorious month. The kind of summer that in my dreams we would enjoy every year. It was so special and so precious to me. I hope that you'll remember it just as fondly when you look back at this one day.

We also monkeyed around on the swings.

And took a speed boat ride around Lake Rosseau. 
But mostly we lazed on the beach and took in the view.
Did some digging with Uncle Matt.
And explored the sand (and ate the sand).
And also, there were naps. Such glorious, warm, summertime naps.

 I love you,


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