Saturday, June 11, 2005

It's Getting Hot in Herr

Welcome to Nellyville ya'll. For about the seventh day in a row we're experiencing 30 + degree weather in the TDot.
And you know what? I fucking LOVE it!

It's sweaty. It's muggy. It's summer!

I just wrapped up my Saturday morning vacuuming and there's little beads of sweat dripping down my calves. That never happens to me. In fact, I can work out for an hour at full tilt and not get the leg sweat. But today, a couple squats to reach under the bed and a couple calf lifts to get the top shelves and I'm Sweaty Betty. It's great. I feel like I've been pumping iron.

The Momes is in repertory arrest, of course, but I can tell he loves it too. Like mother, like pugger.

Sorry to everyone who hates this kind of weather, but perhaps you can find it in you to be happy that at least one person in this city is sitting around, sweating from the legs, and smiling.

It's getting hot in herr, so take off all your clothes.

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