Saturday, June 11, 2005

Behind the Wheel

Oh ya. I forgot to write about one major event that recently went down. Crown and I bought a car.

As my dear friend Mr. Rush so eloquently put it, "Congratulations guys, you just increased your ecological footprint."

Great. And yes, I do feel guilty about that. However, I'm going to turn THIRTY like any minute now and I've never owned my own car. So, I feel like that might let me off the hook a tiny bit. I mean, I could have been pumping harmful emissions into the universe for years now, but I haven't. At least they make'em a little cleaner these days?

Also, I don't drive to work. I take the smelly, germ infested TTC like the rest of the suckers. And that might not be good from my mental or physical health, but damn it, it's good for the air.

Anyway. Our first car is a Mazda 3 sedan and it's purple. They try to hide the fact that it's purple by calling it Indigo Blue but they aren't kidding anyone. It's freakin' purple. And I LOVE it. The freedom! The freedom! Even though we really hardly use it at all (there's this terrible fear of losing our parking spot) it's always there in the back of our minds. We can DRIVE there.

Want to go to the zoo? We can drive there.
Want to go grocery shopping? We can drive there.
Hey, maybe we should go to the cottage this weekend? YES! We can drive there.

It's truly amazing. And I promise, When hybrid cars that run on carrots or whatever are available and reasonably affordable, I'll be first in line. But for now, it's high gas prices and the open road for this chick.

So buckle up, baby, because I'm behind the wheel.

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TransientTales said...

Um. DRIVE across the country and visit your bf! It's a great drive really, accept for the middle bit...heh. Have you named the car yet? Remember Ciccone Camery? LOL!