Saturday, April 08, 2006

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I know I've promised a few people before and after shots of the hair. Chill. They are coming. Fact is, I'm a lazy bitch. 'Nuff said?

If not, then here's a hint. Hair definitely does not look like this:

Come to think of it, neither do legs.

And before all you eagle-eyed fashion police call me on the beer wear. YES. It's an oversized Molson Dry t-shirt, tucked into teal short-shorts and, YES, it was in my first string outfit rotation at the time.

And yes, I was cool.

But really the point of this post (aside from proving to everyone what a hot teen I was) is to give mad props and shout-outs to my lovely (and also not so hairy anymore) friend Bendy Girl for reaching her 30th birthday.

Jesus H. Christ. We actually made it? We?! Made it to THIRTY YEARS? We survived through all that HAIR? Incredible.

Happy Birthday Bendy. Seriously looking forward to the next thirty. Much love.

1 comment:

TransientTales said...

holy SHIT dudes...I can't beleive that hair!!!!!!!! I'm trying to place the year, I'm thinking grade 11? If that's the case, my hair shaved. No comment.
Happy 30th Bendy~! xoTTG