Monday, April 10, 2006

Who Let the Dogs Out?

The Family took a little over-nighter in Beaverton this weekend at the summer home of some good friends, Mr. and Mrs. DRock. I call it a summer home, rather than a cottage, because although it does have rustic charm and a cosy feel and is nestled on the shores of Lake Simcoe, it's hardly a cottage.

The house can sleep about 20 people if need be, and comes fully equipped with three bathrooms, a large screen TV, a pool and a hot-tub. There's also boat house and a new boat who will take her maiden voyage as soon as the lake thaws. It's a great spot and at just over an hour drive from the Big Smoke, I'm anticipating many more weekends spent up there among great company.

Admittedly, I've been a bit nervous to go up with the entire family, given that our entire family includes one furry, four-legged bundle of love and the DRock's family consists of not one, not two, but THREE furry bundles of love. THREE! I was a little concerned that finding a moment's piece amongst all the legs and fur would be a little difficult.

Luckily I was wrong. The dogs were dogs, don't get me wrong, there was much running and barking and fetching and pooping, but instead of being overwhelmed and run ragged, we all found it entirely amusing and fun to watch.

As you can imagine, it's difficult to capture four dogs on film at one time and despite my best attempts, which included holding scraps of meat above my head, I couldn't work it out. I did manage to capture a few individual shots, however, and so, I give you, the dogs.

This is Billy. She's a little shy and skittish, but I'm quite fond of her, none-the-less. Shit, we all have our issues, right?

Here we have Buddy, aka P-Woop. He rarely stops moving and is also camera shy so capturing this moment of stillness was quite a coup:

Here's Roxy, the baby of the bunch. She's a pushy little vamp, who took quite a shine to the Momes. DRock liked to tease her for "presenting" herself to him any chance she got. My take is that like any hot bitch, she's just working with what her Mama gave her:

Last but certainly not least, The Momes. He was incredibly well-behaved and I'm rightfully proud; however, we all could have done with few less glances at the "pink lipstick." It seems he took quite a shine to Miss Foxy Roxy as well:

There were only a few dog-free moments, but I relished them when I could. Like when I snuck outside at sunset to look out at the lake and thank my lucky stars for all my best friends, both two-legged and four.

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