Friday, December 08, 2006

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

This week I donned my gay apparel and hit up my first Christmas party of the season. I'm now at 1 for 5 billion. Given that I'm still hung over two days later, I'm having serious doubts about my ability to survive until January.

This was my company party at the fancy pants Eglinton Grand and you know what? It was really fucking fun. As you can see below, I drank my way through my fair share of the open bar and hit up the dance floor, high-high heels and all. Apologies in advance to my co-workers who might not have wanted these pictures posted for all to see.



Sue said...

I love the dress -- very flattering.

TransientTales said...

dude you should never take that dress it! classic Rodak dance moves! heh. xoe