Friday, December 01, 2006


Dear Santa,

I realize that it's slightly embarrassing and tremendously immature for a 31-year-old woman to a) write a letter to Santa and b) specifically request that you please work closely with my friend Bendy Girl and help her secure a private box during the upcoming Justin Timberlake concert, but by now I assume you know that I have no pride when it comes to my love for all things "pop".

And yes Santa, when I say "all things pop" I specifically mean Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears (among many, many others, but I'm trying to stay on topic). So while you're at it (preparing my sleigh full of gifts that is) can you also please ensure that two of them are back together, in love, engaged and possibly even pregnant by say February 14th? Just in time for Valentine's Day? Appreciate it Dude, you rock.

Back to JT for a moment, please. My little N'Sync deserter is coming to the Tdot at the end of January and will presumably be bringing sexy along with him. I'd like a piece of that action. If you help a sister out on this one, I promise that I will not wear leggings and a mini-skirt to the concert. I will dress my age and possibly pretend to be someone's parent, at least until I am safely within the confines of our private box, at which time, all bets are off.

Oh, Santa, please add glow sticks, glow necklaces, Bristol board, sparkly markers, whistles and a package of Bic lighters to my list.

One last request, and this is really just a suggestion of something you should probably make note of on Britney's letter this year. In case she forgot to add it herself, as she's been very busy partying and sleeping in cars and oh yeah, being a mom, I always forget that part. My girl clearly could use a few new pairs of panties.

In conclusion, Santa, please bring me SexyBack. Oh, and lay off the cookies.


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scarbie doll said...

LOL! Glowstix are dangerous. Remember what happened last time?