Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

Friends are for getting pregnant at the exact same time as you, even though you weren't even planning it that way.
Friends are for surviving nine long months together, cheering each other up... and cheering each other on.
Friends are for a thousand and one text messages saying everything from, "Chin up Sister, only 6 more months to go. You can't keep on puking forever!" to "Swollen ankles are ass."
Friends are for weekly trips to the local diner, pigging out on club sandwiches and chocolate shakes and never once mentioning what effect it is having on your ever expanding ass.
Friends are on the phone with you while you are in labour, trying their best to convince you that it will all be over quickly, painlessly and reminding you to focus on the outcome.
Friends are for bringing snacks to the hospital once your little miracle arrives and for crying more than you did!

This is for my friend Dings, and her beautiful, little newborn daughter Olivia Jane. I mean it so much when I say that I could not have gone through this journey without you and guess what? It's only just begun.

Congratulations to my best friend and welcome, welcome, welcome to my new little niece. I love you both.


shantih said...

you guys are killing me! How am I supposed to survive here now? I'm discustingly happy for you... mucho amor chicas.

TransientTales said...

I really can't believe any of this. And I also can't stop crying. Thanks Dax, I'm going to post the email i sent you when you were in labs, as a reminder of just how many times we can cry at the same bloody thing. I love you!!

Anonymous said...

..never forget how lucky you both(all four of you!)are to be continuing this journey together....