Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to You: 2 Months Old

Two months?! How did this happen? My tiny chicken has changed and grown so much in these eight short weeks that it makes my head spin. She's gained a whopping 5lbs and on Friday weighed in at 11lbs, 11oz. Just look at her - she's holding the age card! Holding it. With her hands. Clearly she is a brilliant genius. And clearly she knows it. Just check out the smirk. That smirk says, "That's right Bitches, I'm holding it. With my hands. Booya."

Unfortunately when I explained to her what the age card actually meant she didn't take it so well:

It's okay Baby Girl, Mommy cries at every birthday too. Two months ain't shit... just wait until you hit thirty-TWO YEARS. Sheesh. Now that's something to cry about.

This latest month has been full of new developments, some highlights include smiling, laughing, screaming - a LOT of screaming - voice recognition and eye contact. You can now freely flick your gaze from one thing to another and you are so eager to see that new person who walks into the room that you damn near rip my nipple off if you're feeding at the time. Ouch.

You are a funny one, but tricky to figure out. Happy as can be one second and full on rage-aholic the next. Oh, your temper! And patience? Not one of your strong points. But you are developing a little sense of humour and I'm sure you're going to be dry and sharp like your parents. You can scowl just like your Dad and you can pout just like your Mom. You have even developed a little "fake" cry that makes me laugh every time. Sorry. I know that's not the reaction you're hoping for.

I love you little one. Can't wait to see what new amazing things are on the way in month three.

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scarbie doll said...

We are all in trouble. Between L, O and B (LOB -- ha!) the menfolk are gonna come home and find us moms tied up and set on fire. And the babies'll just be chillin' in a corner, actin' all innocent and shit.