Friday, April 04, 2008

The First Time Ever I... Part 4

Okay, so somehow we have survived the first two months. OMG. OMG. How am I still alive. More importantly, how is she?

[As if on cue - child begins to cry very loudly forcing me to stop what I am writing for, oh, probably another two days or so. Super. Hold that thought.]

Back. Better make this quick.

Bella here's what's new:

1. Holding your head up and other feats of incredible strength. At some point this month you grew big enough that I can I pick you up with one arm and carry you on my hip, facing out and dangling around without the fear that you are going to break in half. I love that you are big and strong and sturdy. This month you broke 10lbs... in fact at our last weigh-in you were 11lbs, 11oz.

2. Speaking of growing... you have officially outgrown your pretty bassinet and are now sleeping in your very super cute mini-crib (thank you Auntie Scarb). As much as I love to see you grow, I already miss watching you sleep in your basket. Mostly because in it you looked like this:

3. Giggles. OK, Kiddo, it's the best thing you do, just slightly better than how you curl up into a ball and sleep soundly on my shoulder with your face nuzzled into my neck. Your smiles and coos and giggles are still hard to come by, but I work very hard at encouraging them every day because they make all the fussing and screaming worth while.

4. Grabbing things and holding on to them. These things include earrings, necklaces, bra straps, your little wooden rattle and your soother (which you like to pull out of your mouth just so Mom has to get up and put it back in... I'm so onto you Kid). By the way, did I mention that you are a genius?

5. Car rides longer than 20 minutes. We took our first family trip to the cottage this month, where you met your Grand-Nana for the first time and celebrated your first Easter. You got you first look at the beach that I hope you are going to grow up to love as passionately as I do. Now that you are awake and alert so much more during the day, I was nervous about the four hour drive - but you handled it like a champ, sleeping most of the way and only fussing near the very end both ways when your empty tummy finally got the better of you. Here we are with Nana, looking at a little something called "Nature":

6. Wearing your green hat. This might seem a little superficial in the scheme of things, but I bought this hat and sweater when you were still a fetus only to discover once you were born that it was so huge on you that you might never get to wear it. It is still pretty big, but I force it on you anyway. I love it so much that if you hadn't grown into it in time, I would totally have made you wear it in the summer. You are so freakin' lucky that your head got bigger.

7. Girls' day at the mall. Because you are a member of this family, you had your first trip to the mall at around two weeks old... we like to get our shop on. This week; however, you had your first all-girl shopping trip with Auntie Dings and Livvie. This is significant because I believe that it's going to be the first of many, many, many more days like it. You, by the way, were the only baby in the entire mall that wasn't asleep. Clearly you inherited the shopping gene. Oh crap.

Oh Bella, my heart is so torn as I document your firsts. I am so thrilled to experience each one with you, but so sad to see them pass by so quickly! I love you my baby.



TransientTales said...

Oh Bella! You are growing up so fast already! You are a shopper, you are a cottager, and you have figured out a million and one ways to melt your Mommy's heart and piss her off all at once! heh. Good Girl!!!! xoxoauntiedings.

scarbie doll said...

OMG! I am dying here. Can't wait to snuggle them both up this week! And can't wait to come to the next shopping day!