Saturday, July 15, 2006

Always Be My Baby

I think we can consider this unequivocal proof that The Momes loves this year's birthday gift, Winston the Wonderpug.

And I'm glad, because I love The Momes, I really love The Momes. I love him enough to buy him a $14 demented looking squeeky toy from the poshest pet store on the block, just to watch him carry it around, drag it through the dirt and slobber all over it for hours.

Momo turned a whopping four years old on June 25, that's 28 in "doggie years" so he's catching up to me. But no matter how much Cesar Milan would disapprove, he'll always be my baby.

Happy birthday Lil'Boss!

Luv Mommy.


scarbie doll said...

Happy B-day to the true WonderPug -- Momes! Here's hoping that his enthusiasm for Winston doesn't kill him. :)

TransientTales said...

oh MOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!