Thursday, July 20, 2006


Saw The Devil Wears Pradalast night with Weirdo.

Won’t critique it except to say that Meryl is an absolute bloody genius and she totally owned the show. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie but found the “chicklit” aspect of it (incredibly annoying "friends," and the predictably cute but boring boyfriend who gets threatened by the change in girlfriend and the girlfriend who realizes almost too late that she has changed only to change back and return to annoying boyfriend) that annoyed me. I seem to have lost my tolerance for the genre, as of late.

Having said that, after seeing the movie, I feel compelled to do five things with the utmost urgency:

1. Lose 15 lbs.

2. Throw out every single item of clothing that I own.

3. Replace entire wardrobe with one massive shopping spree (preferably in New York and/or Paris), relying heavily on newly acquired line of credit.

4. Read more fashion magazines.

5. Thank my lucky stars for my new boss, who is lovely, intelligent, funny, normal and did I mention NORMAL? I’d love to dwell on this one some more, but as we all know, and let’s all say it out loud together, "WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT OUR JOBS ON THE INTERNET." (Thank you Dooce for your words of wisdom.)

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scarbie doll said...

I feel the same way. I had the exact same reaction about the movie, except for your last point. Can't say I'm with you on that one yet. She's no Meryl, but she could use some lessons on normal.