Friday, March 09, 2007

Hitchin' A Ride

Introducing Colby:

Introducing Cheerio:

I know, I know - you're bored of the riding posts. I'm sorry. But it's totally the most exciting thing in my life right now. God that sounds lame. Oh well, c'est vrais!

Last week class was cancelled and I was bummed to have to wait another whole week before I could go and hang with my horsy homeys. So last night I showed up a little early just to wander the stalls and give hugs to all my favs (am totally picking favs).

While I secretly hoped they'd put me on Carter or Seven this week, I saw that Seven was already being tacked by someone in the advanced class and Carter was sweaty and beat from having obviously just finished a vigorous ride.

Instead I ended up with Cheerio. I'm sure you will not be surprised to hear that I am now in love with him. Are you beginning to see a pattern? I may have my secret favourites, but I can't help but love them all. Cheerio is very kind and patient, but a joy to ride because he's energetic and raring to go. Apparently he is a favourite among the more experienced riders at the academy.

Learning from this week's class:

1. Colby (the biggest, scariest horse at the school, who I rode last class and yes, fell in love with, and no I didn't post about it because I thought you'd be like, enough already) will totally eat you if you give him the chance. Last night he chopped down on my scarf and nearly strangled me to death. It was totally cute - especially since I didn't die.

2. Horses get coughs. A horse cough is really terrible to witness, and particularly unappealing if you happen to be riding just behind a coughing horse. Why? Because they fart really loud at the same time that they cough. It's both funny and revoting at the same time. Kind of like when The Momes barks really loud and a fart escapes at the same time. Crown and I affectionately call them "farks" or "farking". Heh. Sadly, giant Colby had a bad cough and had to be pulled from the paddock mid-ride.

3. Riding is totally easier if you have the gear! Last night I wore my brand-new half-chaps with cute stripey socks underneath. Okay, it doesn't really make it easier at all. But half-chaps? Cute.

4. I have always prefered dark horses to light horses. This bias has only been reinforced by the fact that horses shed A LOT when you groom/ride them and light coloured horse hair really destroys black leggings and brand-new black half-chaps.

5. Riding has done nothing to curb my obsessive compulsive disorder.

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Zesty said...

If lovin' these horsie pics is wrong, I don't wanna be right.