Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm a Hustler, Baby: The proof

A while ago I was prompted by Scarbiedoll to write this post about my short-lived acquaintance with Ron Jeremy. I claimed to have photographic evidence at the time and I do, damn it, I do.

So here it is, just because I don't want anyone to think that I was just using my hyper-active imagination and making up fun stories about short, hairy little porn stars. Other participant in this particular picture has been blurred for anonymity. And for those of you who read that post so long ago, this is from the House of Blues night, not the Hustler party night. Those photos are never, ever ending up on the internet.

Actually, they probably already are. Crap. Ah well, it's all part of growing up right? Right? Anyone...?

PS - this picture kind of makes me yearn for my short hair. Granted, I'm considerably older in the face and chunkier in the, well, everywhere these days. And I guess any hair cut would look pretty awesome next to Ron's. Still... a summer chop? Thoughts?


sugar mama said...

too funny that we've both been contemplating the hair chop at the same time... I say go for it! You've mentioned going short again a number of times that I can remember... you'll probably feel great and you can pull it off!

scarbie said...

Much as I loved the short, I am obsessed with your curly bob and would be so sad to see it go. But it's hair and it will grow back. *sigh*

I'd forgotten how gross and sweaty RJ is.