Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cold, Cold World

I've been pretty patient this year. I haven't posted about the less than favorable weather at all, unless you count some cute pics of The Momes being tortured by a deep snow fall. But even that was my attempt at keeping a fun, light-hearted mood through out what has now turned into one of the most brutal winters in recent history.

I trudged in high-heeled Mary Jane's through knee-high snow in the flash storm we got last week. I grinned and bared it when that flash storm turned to freezing rain and caused a door sized sheet of ice to collapse into my house when I ignorantly opened it to peek outside. I've loudly and enthusiastically enjoyed the moments of warmth when a -20 degree streak suddenly gave way to a few days of marvelous +2.

But today? Today broke down my fragile wall of acceptance. Before leaving the office, I thought about writing this post tonight and making it fun by dressing up The Momes in his hooded GAP sweater and then making fun of how much he hates it.

This year I was even pro-active in setting up activities for myself in a heart-felt attempt to ward off the normally inevitable winter blues. I signed up for the riding. I didn't even bitch when my class was canceled last week due to the previously mentioned flash snow/ice storm.

I've continued with my yoga, namaste-ing my way through even the grouchiest moods.

I set up an ever-so-enjoyable monthly poker night with my best-girls. Thank goodness for Chicks 'n Chips, I hope it has offered us all something to look forward to through the most miserable of winter moments.

A three day long weekend up at the cottage was meant to be a refreshing change of pace and a chance to enjoy the more peaceful side of winter. I did appreciate the beauty of the frozen lake, but even that was fleeting as we were slammed with a nasty ice-storm for most of the weekend.

All in all though, I've been a trooper, I really have.

But the bitter, biting trek from the warm, zen-filled den of my yoga studio quickly sucked the wind out of my already half-deflated sail.

Sure, it's setting in a little later than usual. It's nearly mid-March, after all. But it is setting in, and if this cold, cold, bitter cold doesn't dissipate as promised by the end of the week, I fear the worst is inevitable.

Two words? Winter madness.

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to curl up under my duvet in the fetal position. Stay strong fellow Northerners. I'll see you in the spring.


Anonymous said...

...exactly what I've been thinking...screw the optimism, I'm DONE with this....

Zesty said...


I remember in December everyone talking "global warming this" and "global warming that". I said "You know what? If it's like this in January, I'll worry."

Needless to say winter didn't disappoint. I am losing my mind. Hands across the ice patch girl!

Sue said...

True. But I did get sent home from work in true elementary school style. Snow Day can sometimes be a happy day. Sometimes..