Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Lovely Lady Lump: 19 weeks

Week 19.

No idea how much heavier I am this week because I haven't made it to the gym even ONCE. And the gym is where the scale is. Mere fact that I haven't made it should give you some indication that things are probably not looking good on the weight gain front. Monday. Starting fresh.

Milestones this week. Ohhhh! A doozy! I had my 19 week ultrasound on Monday. Wow, Sir. Who knew it would be so intense? I kinda thought Crown and I'd go in, they'd rub that gooey wand on me for a few minutes, pronounce the gender of my baby and we'd shed a tear and giggle with joy and that would be that. Wrongo.

First of all that shit lasted almost an HOUR. Crown had to sit in the waiting room for about 58 minutes of it. My technician wanted to go on her lunch break and the chicken wasn't cooperating. Little bugger was facing down, towards my spine, so the tech couldn't get the facial shots she needed. She had me roll this way and that, get up and go pee, cough, more rolling... still nothing. So instead, while she waited for Baby to roll over, she just scanned and rescanned the kid. She must have counted those fingers like four times. She spent a lot of time looking at the "four chamber view" of the heart. I was just glad to hear that there were four.

Meanwhile, I stared and stared hard at her face, worried that if I took my eyes off her for an instant I would miss a flash of uncertainty or concern that might indicate that my baby had two heads or something. Not this woman though - she was a statue! My baby could probably have actually had two heads and she still wouldn't have so much as flinched.

Good news, my baby does not have two heads. Although the tech would not reveal a thing to us during the exam, I called my doc the next day to get the results and was thankfully informed that everything is 100% perfect.

Oh? And the part you're really waiting for? The part that the technician not only wouldn't tell us, but would hardly let us look at for ourselves on the screen? Not even pausing long enough to let us squint and stare and guess? Well, yes, I found that out as well.

Looks like this little chicken is a hen. We're having a baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Mamma Mia! Congratulations. Baby is going to have some uber-cool parents. Best Wishes,
Karen K.

TransientTales said...

Auntie Emmy is going to spoil this little girl rotten!

FlowerPot said...

She's going to be the most stylish baby ever!! Congrats!

Weren't you dying to go to the bathroom after all that water and waiting? I know I was bursting!