Friday, September 21, 2007

My Lovely Lady Lump: Week 20

Week 20.
18 lbs heavier than b.b.b. I might stop counting pretty soon.

Milestones this week: Half way there! Woohoo! Holy fuck. Ack.

So, today is my 32 birthday. My last sans child. Kind of creepy. To celebrate this, and our 1 year wedding anniversary (also this week) Crown and I are heading off into hurricane territory to take a much belated honeymoon/early babymoon in Cuba.

The Momes has been shipped off to Mom's. Let it be public knowledge that I dropped him off in almost perfect health. It's her turn to try not to kill him for a week. I miss him already. Isn't that pathetic?

Just finished my packing. Getting a much needed mani/pedi in the morning before we take off (thanks Chops for the gift certificate). Now am headed to bed. Can't wait to have our day of travel over and just get there and lie down. Think I'll just lie down for seven whole days. Bliss.

Sorry about the shitty picture this week - we've been too busy to snap a real one. Will do it up tropical styles next week.

Blog ya when I'm back, ya'll.

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