Thursday, February 28, 2008

The First Time Ever I... Part 2

OK - so many firsts have happened in this first month of Anabella's life. So many that I can't even remember them all, which was essentially why I promised I'd continue to record them here as much as possible. Fike. You really just can't do it all. These days if I shower, brush my teeth and empty the dishwasher, I have made major accomplishments.

I have a few moments here while Dad is home and watching Bella in her vibrating chair and preventing the dog from eating her, so here in very quick point form are a few of the firsts that she and I achieved this month as we stumbled together through this increasingly incredible journey.

1. Exploding poop, or as I like to call them Poopsplotions. That's right. It really does happen. We had one sans diaper that actually exploded with great force across the room. We had one, today in fact, that exploded up and out the back of her diaper, leaked out of her jammies, onto my lap and then dripped down onto my couch. These are moments that make me so proud. Seriously. Because pooping is hard for babies and makes them cranky, so pooping, however it arrives, is something that we cheer about. That's right. I said it.

2. Weight gain. My tiny 6lb, 14oz baby is already 9lbs, 3oz! Never in my life have I been so excited about weight gain.

3. Tears. Babies don't have tears when they are born, did you know that? Not to say that they don't cry. Oh, they cry. They cry and cry and cry. But somehow, the crying is so much sadder and more upsetting once they develop tears. When I see her tiny tears, it's very hard to control my own.

4. Our first trip alone together in the car. Terrifying. Horrifying. Panic inducing. The first time I drove Bella in the car without Crown it was a snow storm. I was a hot mess. I don't think I actually breathed the entire time. We went about five blocks, to Crown's office. It was far enough for me. We've since been alone in the car quite a few times and while it's getting easier, it's still scary. I don't like that I can't see her. I've ordered a mirror so that I can peek in on her from my rear view mirror.

5. First Bottle. Again, it might not seem like much to a non-mom. I never would have considered a bottle something to get excited about before I had Bella. I mean, don't all babies have bottles? Well, no they don't. Not breastfed babies. Breastfed babies are literally attached to their mothers. All. The. Time. After one whole month of feeding my babe, one whole month of not having more than two hours apart from her, to watch her father feed her three tiny ounces of pumped breast milk from a bottle was not just another small milestone. It was freedom! I'm glad I waited four whole weeks to allow my girl to really get used to her main source of food - my boobs - but now I think we are both ready for the odd few hours apart. I am now obsessed with pumping. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to find the time.

6. Our first few hours apart. I got my nails done - hoorah! I also visited my BFF, Dings, in the hospital the day after she had her own baby. Amazing. More on that spectacular event to come. I did these two things without the baby. They are the only two things I have done without the baby in four whole weeks. My life? So fucking different.

7. First trip to the office. We had to go and show all our peeps what my bump turned into. We had a great visit and were both so happy to see everyone. Okay, truth is Bella didn't even wake up. But that's happiness in baby language. Mom got to have a bit of adult conversation and even go pee twice without holding a baby in her arms at the same time. We'll be back again soon, everyone. Holla!

8. Eye contact. Oh. Bliss. Wonderous, glorious bliss. That first time your baby locks onto your gaze and holds it. The first time she follows you as you enter the room and gets an excited twinkle that shows you she recognizes you from all the other eyes that have stared at her all day. It's pure heaven. It makes every single poopslotion and crying fit and sleepless night fade away. And all that's left over are your eyes and hers, locked together with an understanding that is like no other.

9. Following sounds and reaching for stuff. She can't grab and hold anything yet, but she has discovered the mobile above her crib and will lie quietly and contemplatively and watch it twirl above her. She will reach up her wobbly arms as if to grab at the floating animals. She will coo and even give a little hint of a smile. It's the most amazing thing that I have ever seen. My God, how will I ever survive first words, first steps, when cooing and arm raising blow me away?

Here's some photo evidence of my one month old genius, watching her mobile and blowing my mind:


Jay said...

She's adorable, and the way you are so sweetly, devotedly, excitedly chronicling her firsts (and your firsts too) makes me glad in the heart.

Anonymous said... just gets more amazing.....mine is just starting to stand on own and will be off and running soon.......

FlowerPot said...

I love reading your moments... it actually brings me back to when Baby K was that age and helps me remember all those milestones all over again. Come back soon!