Thursday, February 07, 2008

The First Time, Ever I...

There are so many "firsts" associated with having a baby. To me, every single tiny one is worth noticing and noting. Many moms told me to pay attention and cherish these things as they happen, to enjoy every moment and not let the chaos distract you from the amazingness of living with a newborn and watching them grow and learn and develop. I have taken this advice to heart and doing my best to take in everything and take nothing for granted.

I will do my best to document what I can right here. To get started, here are a few that I am especially proud of so far.

1. First Walk.
Bella and I had our first walk together on February 5, when she was just 6 days old. The temperature reached an unprecedented 8 degrees and I was dying to get outside, into the sunlight and move my body. Crown was at the office so baby and I were alone but I didn't let is stop us! We suited up and headed out into the great big world. Together for the first time. I haven't felt so proud and happy on a walk since my first walk with The Momes, almost six year ago! I wanted to stop everyone on the street and show them my baby and tell them, "she's six days old today and this is our first walk!"

2. First time in the vibrating chair.
Bella loves to vibrate. Heh - really? Who doesn't?

3. First shower with nobody home to watch her.
So many people told me that when you have a new baby you barely have time to shower or brush your teeth. I really enjoy being clean, and a hot shower is one of my favourite things in life, so I was terrified of this particular part of early parenting. I'm proud to say that not only have I been able to have a long, hot shower every single day since she's been born (even in the hospital!) but today, for the first time, I got up the courage to have one while home alone with her. It didn't hurt that she was doing this at the time:

4. First yoga pose.
This picture is not the first time she's done it, but it's her first and favourite yoga pose. I wanted to note this one especially for Auntie Shantih... get a look at this kid's lotus!! Can't wait for our Mommy and Baby yoga classes!


Cass said...

wow - she is precious and that is a particularly awesome lotus. If you get to a space where you want to be peppered with questions about what products you used the first week and what you needed and what you really didn't need at all - let me know....because I'm seeking all the new mom advice I can get my hands on. Congratulations again!

Beaches said...

Cass - I just wrote a list of things that you must have when you go to the hospital, and during the first few days at home after the baby is born, for a few friends of mine who are expecting soon. If you would like me to email it to you, I'm happy to do so, just let me know what address to use.

Also, I'm happy to answer any and all questions you might have. I'm brand-new at it all, but will certainly do my best to answer!

TransientTales said...

Dax please look at how cute Bells is in the Dell!! And my god she looks like you with Crown hair. I'm coming over...!

Shantih said...

A natural... a natural!

sugar mama said...

Cute, cute, cute! I'm really happy to hear that mommyhood is suiting you so well. All of the firsts seem so huge... wait until you go shopping!