Monday, October 22, 2007

Island in the Sun

I've been meaning to post about Cuba for weeks now. Three weeks to be exact. I just haven't quite gotten my act together. Mostly because I'm lazy. Anyway, it probably would have been ass boring for you to read much about the week anyway, since in a nutshell it was spent sleeping, lying down, floating and eating.

So instead here are a few choice shots from a beautiful week. Although it seems almost a lifetime ago already - I will whole-heartedly recommend taking the time out before a new arrival and jetting off on a last-blast Babymoon with your lover.

What an amazing way to take time out to reflect on your pregnancy, your baby-to-be and most importantly spend some much needed time on your relationship with your partner, outside of your day-to-day grind, away from daily stresses and chores. I don't like to say that it might be a long time before the two of us get to enjoy another solitary week in paradise together... but let's face it... it might.

A room with a view:
If you like Pina Coladas:

Beach bliss:

At the end of the point:

A beautiful hotel in Old Havana:

La touristas:

More Old Havana:

Viva la revolucion:

And last but not least, channeling Britney Spears:

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