Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank You

Dear Dude at the corner of Yonge and Bloor,

Thank you so much for saving my soul today at lunch hour.

I think I was a little too tired after a long, sleepless night, and a little too hot after a strenuous step-class, to realize just how much trouble my soul was in due to my recent abominations and sins.

I must have looked down right grouchy and blasphemous as I attempted to get my heavy pregnant belly past you on the street and if you hadn’t stopped to yell at me, well, who knows where my soul would be right now.

I so appreciate you screaming in tongues and then graciously “saving me from the clutches of Satan and the horrors of hellfire” with your little paper brochure. I mean, whoa, that was a close one.

If not for you I could totally be the clutches of Satan and the horrors of hellfire right now. Instead of tired, hot, swollen, pregnant and sitting in my office chair watching the minutes tick slowly by. Hm. Waaaait a second...



1 comment:

TransientTales said...

HA! Throw a cuppie 6's and a dash of salt and you've got yourself a new friend!