Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

So sweet, isn't it? That age old adage that lovingly describes the differences between little girls and little boys. Aw. Warms my motherly heart, really.

Except for the fact that it's such absolute bullshit.

Clearly whoever came up with this sugar and spice crap has never ridden the TTC. I ride the TTC every day. And there are schools on my route. Which means there are girls on my bus. Teenage girls. Sugar and spice and all things nice?

More like ciggies and thongs and all things skank.

What has happened to our girls? Before I get too preachy I must confess, I logged a few hours of my teenage years with a belly full of vodka and my head in the toilet - but at least I was an angel on the outside! These days? For the love of Britney - they are wee devils!

And speaking of... one of these oh-so-sugary little tarts flashed me her "Britney" the other day! Right there on the bus at 9a.m. I believe I even gave out a little gasp of horror.

I don't blame her, by the way - Britney. She's just a rusty cog in a much larger, much more evil corporate machine. Selling sex to our little ones by way of their "starlets" and pricey paparazzi opportunities. Maybe that's what's changed in teenage girls since my day? I mean, my idol was Madonna, not necessarily the purest of roll models, but she always came across as strong, independent and sexy in smart way. On her own terms, you know?

I may have been sexual at an early age, but I sure as hell wasn't slutty. I respected my elders and deferred to authority. I never wore my undies on the outside of my clothing. Sure, I probably spoke loudly with my friend in public places and made the odd old lady feel uncomfortable, it's expected from a gaggle of teenagers. But did I talk about kicking bitches asses and doing blow and sucking balls? Oh hell no.

But these girls. These little girls who could be so smart and so beautiful if they would drop the tougher than thou routine, they are scaring the crap out of me. Because what if one day it happens to mine?

So for now I have to believe in the sugar and spice bit. For my own peace of mind. I think I'll just assume that today kids are lighter on the sugar (let's face it, too much is bad for you anyway) and a hell of a lot heavier on the spice.

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sugar mama said...

Ah yes, I can relate! Now try watching long-haired, shirtless, rocked out 12 year old boys perform on that silly show America's Next Great Band.... shudder at what they will be getting into... then just giggle and wish they would just put shirts on, until thinking -- OMG my daughter could think that's totally hot in 11 years. Ack.