Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If You Want to Ride in My Mercedes, Boy

I had the day off yesterday so The Momes and I decided to tackle an important project together: The assembly of the stroller. I figured since the two (three) of us will be sharing a great many walks in the year to come, it was something that he and I should tackle together. At first, he was utterly petrified of the thing and refused to come down off his perch. The Momes? Not so tough.

Eventually I realized that maybe he just needed a specific task, so I handed over the instruction booklet and, who knew? He turned out to be a pretty good little helper.

When we got to the testing phase, The Momes really came into his own. I think he was born for assembly. Here he is trying desperately with his eyes to show me how the damn thing is meant to unfold. If it weren't for our obvious communication gap, I think I would have figured it out much quicker. You can probably see his utter disdain. I know I could.

Speaking of disdain, this was probably his least favourite part of the job, but I got to give him props for being such a good sport. I'm pretty sure in this shot he was trying to say, "There had better be a handful of cookies coming after this, bitch, I ain't messin'."

Incredibly, we managed to not only assemble the entire thing together, but also figure out how to use it. And this sucker does a lot. It's like the Transformer of strollers. I think I'll leave it up to Momes to teach his dad how it all works. Thanks little buddy, I couldn't have done it with out you.


Sincerity said...

Hello! Great blog you've got here!

That stroller is awesome. Just... the awesome of awesomeness.

I think you're right. Momes has a knack for this sort of thing. Look how natural he seems in the photo shoot! Its the eyes... gotta be.

sugar mama said...

I love it... he's already nurturing Chicken. Does he help assemble Ikea furniture too? And is it just coincidence that your awesome stroller actually MATCHES Momes?

Her room is looking so good. Not much longer now... you are going to be an amazing mom, to both babies!

FlowerPot said...

Too cute! Have fun teaching him how to walk alongside a stroller! I found that the most difficult - leash, wheels, squirrels... you get the picture.

Zesty said...

Go MOMES!! Too funny....