Tuesday, January 29, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things: Part 1

Like any expectant parents, Crown and I have been busy at work over the last several weeks preparing our baby's room. The last few days, especially, we've been working on finishing touches, adding a new chair and footstool, hanging prints and adding decorative touches here and there. It's still a work in progress, but already it has become my favourite room in the house! I love it. I'm glad that we stuck with the original wall colour, left over from when the room was our office. It's not too babyish and not too girlie but still feels right for a baby. It's a room that we can all enjoy. Here are a few pictures of my favourite elements in the room.

1. My puppy prints by John W. Golden. I picked these adorable prints up on Etsy after a tip from Scarbie the uber-style scout. Framed in basic IKEA frames, they simply couldn't be cuter! I want to buy the whole series.

2. This little vignette on top of the dresser just kills me. We all know by now about my penguin-love. The lamp has been moved from my desk at work, I like that I can add a little element from my old office into my new one. The azalea and the cat picture are both gifts from the ever-so-lovely Hampster, my friend and colleague, and incidentally also the capable person taking over my job while I'm away. You'll find that a LOT of my favourite things in this room are from Hampster, something I just realized while I was snapping these photos. What can I say? She's HGTV through and through. Thanks Girl!

3. The Moses basket. This will actually be in my room once Baby arrives because she's going to sleep in it next to our bed, but for now it looks so pretty sitting in her room, the white islet material adds the perfect amount of feminine charm to the room. Thanks again to the girls at work for this amazing gift!

4. My Ugly Dolls! Oh, my God, I love them so much. I got this idea while looking at modern nurseries online and just had to have some of my own. These are Little Uglies, from top to bottom we have Moxy, Gato and Ox. I chose them because the colours reflect those I've used through-out the room.

5. Clearly I still need to hang these prints, but I couldn't leave them out because they are so sweet. Like the cat from above, these are from Hampster. In case you haven't noticed, there's a real animal-theme happening. Mommy loves animals and has a special soft spot for stuffed ones.

6. It's a Blabla! What a dude, eh? Just another example of my stuffed animal fetish.

7. Yep, more animals. This is the mobile and you guessed it, it was also part of the gift from the girls at work. Well, from the whole staff, but the girls did the shopping. Do they know me, or what?

7. Last but not least, my Dwell Baby cowgirl blanket and tiny, tiny pink cowgirl boots. Obviously I have a horse-thing and I hope to share my love of them with my daughter. What a precious way to start! The blanket is from Auntie Dings and the boots from one of my poker pals, Curls. Thanks Aunties!


TransientTales said...

OMG SO PERFECT! This room looks SO good. The ugly dolls...love them.

scarbie doll said...

Ooh we have Moxy, though Nate calls her Roxy Moxy. But whatevs, she's my fave one. Bought her in NYC.

So jealous of your girl's room. Wish I could give my girl a room of her own :(

Anonymous said...

can i live in that room??

scarbie doll said...

Hey whomever happens to visit this site -- our girl is labour! At the hospital as I write. Send her good vibes.

Marla said...

Popping in via Scarbie - warm wishes for all the best!

Ali said...