Saturday, January 12, 2008

In Your Room

I've been told that at some point, soon before I go into labour, I'm going to enter a manic state called "nesting", whereby I'll feel the need to organize my house, particularly the baby's room, and clean the entire place from top to bottom with a toothbrush.

The thing is, I have pretty much have been in this state my entire life. Oddly, I think that maybe this pregnancy has had the opposite effect on me. I've been lazy, unmotivated or simply too fucking tired to do the things that I really need to get done before Chicken joins us on the outside.

Having said that, Crown and I did have one productive day over the Christmas break, a small burst of energy that allowed us to tackle the nursery, which since my baby shower on December 8th, had looked like this:

While Crown dug in and and tackled the heavy lifting and furniture assembly, I had the pleasure of simpler tasks, like putting together the pretty Pottery Barn Kids lamp I bought and organizing clothing, books and toys into baskets that will sit in my Expedit bookshelf/changing table. Speaking of which, remember the change table tray that my step-father Commie built for me? UM... SO AWESOME! You can seriously not even tell that it's a homemade add-on. Check out how perfectly it sits on and blends into the shelf:

It took all day, but Crown managed to assemble the crib and the dresser. And while they are still not sitting in the right place and will need to be rearranged, it's a little freaky to walk into the room and see this:

Once the furniture was built, I couldn't resist dressing the place up a little with some of my favourite baby accessories:

And, of course, sorting and folding her little clothes and tucking them into a drawer. They still need to be washed, I'm waiting for the next burst of energy to hit, but I can't resist peeking into this drawer at least once a day:

After this weekend, I'll have some updated pictures to share. I took a long weekend and hope to get a few more projects done around the room. Plus, I was visited by a baby-clothing fairy who generously left us a full garbage bag of amazing sleepers and outfits. I can't wait to sort through them and tuck them away in the drawers to await their soon-to-be inhabitant. A huge thank you for the incredibly generous gift!

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TransientTales said...

OMG you have such a great collection of colours for Jennifer LUCKY!!!!!