Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Lovely Lady Lump: Week 38

Week 38.

Weight Gain: 'nuff weight, ya'll. No sign of slowing down for this mama. Also, have yet to experience this "lack of room to eat very much" bullshit I keep hearing about. Whatevs.

Milestones this week: I guess the biggest achievement this week will be my last day of work - but that deserves a post all unto itself so sit tight. Otherwise? Hm. Well, for the first time in all my prenatal appointment pee-stick test I failed one. Specifically the protein portion - meaning there might be some protein in my urine, which shouldn't be there and which could be a sign of a urinary track infection, or on a more severe level preeclampsia. I'm assuming it amounted to nothing because my doc said he'd call if the follow up test showed any serious problems. Coincidentally, or not, I also had slightly high blood pressure this week, often another sign of preeclampsia, but my non-alarmist doctor said it was probably just because I had rushed to make my appointment on time. Sure. Sounds good to me.

Since I failed to post last week, I should mention one thing for documentary sake - also, it will help when I'm trying to explain my birth story (eeesh). Last week I found out I tested positive for Group B Strep. I'm not going to get into all the details except to say that it's not something that is harmful for me, but does have to potential to harm the baby during delivery. This means I'll have to go to the hospital immediately should my water break, and a little earlier than usual once I start experiencing contractions, so that they can hook me up to an IV and administer a high dose of penicillin. Not exactly what I'd had in mind and I'm anxious about the possibility of infecting my baby, but it just goes to show that you really can't control much in this process. In fact, pregnancy on the whole is an exercise in letting go.

No real signs that labour is anywhere near, although for the first time last night I started to have an inkling that something has "changed" in my body. The cramping is a little different, I tend to get nauseous really easily again, certain areas are aching that haven't ached before. I'm hoping it's just because my bod is ready for some serious rest, and not because I'm going to give birth the day after I finish work. That would suck some kind of ass, wouldn't it? I'm looking forward to some serious couch and jammies action - at least a week's worth after working so late into the game.

Oh! Here's a huge one - today I took my last commute home via TTC from the office. Tomorrow I'll be taking the car so my transit days, at least during the rush hour hell, are over for the next year! Yessssss.

I'll spare you the details of my final hellish commute, and instead leave you with this, the torpedo tummy:


Anonymous said...

i had strep B it was annonying more than anything. as afterwards i was all swollen for days from all the IV liquids.
funny too as i was dilated 3 cm for nearly a month and then after my water broke after 12 hours i only dilated 1 more cm and they had to help me along with some drugs.
so just thought i would let you know that about the fluids. my feet and legs were swollen, really swollen, like waddle swollen for some time from the fluids. otherwise the iv was more annonying and the baby was fine!!
also when the water breaks. it is alot. i was not prepared. i had a bath towel, yup, shoved down my pants on the way to hospital and it was soaked and went in the garbage. i would have a towel ready that is a crappy one in case that happens. and some plastic for the car seat.
good luck!!

sugar mama said...

I'm sure you'll both be fine, the main thing is that they know and will get you on the meds. Maybe being admitted earlier will be better than being sent home because it's 'too early.' I was also on an IV, not for strep B but because I spiked a fever and needed to be hydrated. The IV was only a bit annoying and you will likely have to pee like never before shortly after just giving birth... I'll spare the details but maybe pack some Depends! You'll be checking all dignity at the hospital door anyway :)